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You’re NOT Alone!

We are not meant to be alone!  God created us, as social beings, with the ability to intelligently interact.  (Much of human interaction is NOT very intelligent these days, though!)  Even with the proliferation of social media and the many different kinds of groups and activities that are available, we…
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Taking Care of Our Pastors!

Most pastors are genuinely committed to serving the Church of Jesus Christ because they love Him and are being true to their calling! They consider it a high honor and privilege. They are there, not because they are incapable of doing something else, but because they actually see it as…
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It’s NOT Just For Funerals!!

Probably the most popular chapter in the Old Testament is Psalm 23. It is regularly used during funeral services.Verse four – "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me..." - is, for many, a true comfort when grieving…
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Is “Born Again” A Political Category?

My answer to that question is absolutely not!! Keep reading to hear me out... My head is not buried in the sand. I realize that, in the general public, a perception has developed over time that "Born Again" is a political group. That perception has been fed by things that…
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