Is “Born Again” A Political Category?

My answer to that question is absolutely not!! Keep reading to hear me out…

My head is not buried in the sand. I realize that, in the general public, a perception has developed over time that “Born Again” is a political group. That perception has been fed by things that are true. It is true that a significant number of evangelical Christians have been involved, at various levels, in conservative, right wing, politics. It is true that the media has branded these people as the “born again” voting block. It is true that this group has influenced elections, policy, and legislation. And, I want to clearly state that I am not opposed to political involvement by anyone! As a matter of fact, in this democratic republic, we should “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”. As faithful stewards of all God gives us, including the freedom to participate in our government, we must be responsible to do so. At a minimum, we should exercise our right to vote, and to do it carefully.

However, Satan loves to muddy the waters. His strategy is confusion, deception, and division! If he can take a beautiful, important biblical truth and “re-brand” it, he has done the damage he intended. To hijack the true biblical meaning of”born again” and cause people to believe it is a political power group is exactly what Satan wants.

The Gospel of John, chapter 3, is the key passage in the Bible that speaks about being born again. A prominent religious teacher and leader, in Israel, approached Jesus at night to have a conversation with Him. What follows is incredible! Jesus actually gets to the heart of the matter right away and addresses the real spiritual need of this man. Even though he was a religious teacher and leader, his personal activity and accomplishments were not adequate for salvation. He was still a sinner in need of a Savior. As we listen in on this conversation, we learn about God’s sovereign work in salvation, bringing sinners to the point of believing in Him. That is what God calls being “born again”.

Can there be anything more important than understanding the true meaning of that phrase? If it is about our eternal salvation, our right relationship with God, it is of supreme importance!! So, if Satan can create a distorted, false understanding of it, he has done great damage!

Can I say it one more time? “Born again” is NOT a political category!  It IS a necessary spiritual reality associated with the salvation of sinners!

For a deeper look, I invite you to check out a 31 minute video teaching about John 3 on our Sharing Real Hope YouTube channel. Click THIS LINK to watch.