In the courtroom!

I am a visually driven learner. When I can see something, it’s much easier for me to comprehend. That includes literally seeing and “seeing” through an illustration or analogy.

There is a very important word that is used in the New Testament. The word is justification, or justified. How important is this word? Without it, no one can have a relationship with God! The question is, what in the world does it mean? That’s where my visual learning is helpful. There is a very good illustration I use that has been helpful to me and I believe has helped others to understand the concept of justification. Use your imagination for a moment to go into a Divine courtroom…

The Judge in this court is none other than God the Father.  He is a unique, one of a kind judge.  Unlike other judges, He is all knowing, so He actually has all the facts, even before the case is presented.  He is also completely different from all other judges in that He is perfectly righteous and needs no other law apart from Himself.  He is the Law, the Standard!  Everyone in His courtroom is judged by the standard of Him.

The defendant in this Divine courtroom is, in this illustration, anyone who is a Christ follower.  (By the way, all of humanity is a defendant here!)  So, the Christ follower stands before the judge, accused of being a sinner, separated from God.  The evidence is, for everyone, overwhelming!  The Father Judge brings down His gavel and declares, “You are guilty!  The sentence is eternal separation from Me in Hell!”  Romans 3:23; 6:23a  However, that’s not the end of the trial, thank God!!

There is another person present in this courtroom.  He is the Christ follower’s defense attorney.  His  name is Jesus Christ!  As soon as the Father Judge hands down His verdict and sentence, Jesus speaks up.  He tells the Father, “I have already paid the penalty for this, My follower’s sin.  This person has repented and turned to follow Me.”  The Father Judge immediately brings down His gavel again and declares to the Christ follower, “I forgive you of all your sin, past, present, and future!  I permanently credit you with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, your attorney!”  Romans 4:22-25; 5:1; II Corinthians 5:17-21

That is called justification!!  When God justifies us, He no longer sees us as sinners, even though we do sin.  He sees us as righteous, because of Jesus’ righteousness that has been applied to us!

Have you turned to Jesus, from your own efforts and sin, to trust in Him alone for forgiveness of sin and to follow Him?  If you have, you have been justified!  If you haven’t, what hinders you from doing so right now?!!

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